All of our portraits are sold as packages. To secure a session you'll have to purchase at least the smallest package which consists of the session and 1 framed 8x10. We have 4 different frame options to select from. That package is $495. 

When you meet us at the studio location we'll review all of the many options available to you. When we call to discuss the portraits after you receive the proofs you can complete your order and add whatever you'd like.

Heirloom  $495


1 Framed, finished 8x10 portrait

1 image for sharing on social media

Heirloom plus $745


1 framed 8x10 portrait

2 framed 5x7 portraits

1 image for sharing on social media


Upgrade framed 5x7 to 8x10 - $125

Upgrade framed 8x10 to 11x14 - $175

Upgrade framed 8x10 to 16x20 - $250

Additional Framed 5x7 - $135

Additional Framed 8x10 - $200

Loose prints - (after package purchase)

5x7 $65

8x10 $135

Album of 10 images - $275

Additional images for sharing on *social media - $25

All portraits are printed by Jon on exhibition quality watercolor paper to our exacting standards. The portraits are signed and framed with the intent to last for generations in your family.

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